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Musikaalin Ruusunen

Working results: 

Ohkola autumn race 2016 SP REK2

Ukkohalla-Paljakka ajot 2018 2x 35km REK2

Ruunaa Race 2018 3x 33km REK1

Ukkohalla-Paljakka ajot 2020 2x 35km REK2

Ruunaa Race 2020 3x 33km REK2

ALMA Off Snow 2020 SP REK3

Jämi Scandinavian Open Championship 2022 SP REK2

Ukkohalla-Paljakka ajot 2022 2x 35km REK2

KVK1 (Weight-pull merit)


ED 0

Eyes: mild distichiasis 11/19

DOB 6.12.2014


Inna moved to our home in january 2015. She turned up to be a large female with 65cm's tall and weighing 42 kg's. She is a very funny girl, always has an opinion to everything. Inna has also raced in three teams of other mushers. Together with Noel they create a leader- couple in our home.

Inna is spayed when she was two years of age and she finished her racing career from MD-races in the spring 2022. Now she can focus on her retirement and her wonderful job as a school dog :)  

Inna ❤️ Ohkola yhden koiran kärry harras
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