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Our history

My story with alaskan malamutes goes all the way back to the year 2003 when I got my first malamute named Vallu, Fi CH Musikaalin Giuseppe Verdi. A big sized male, with a temperament to die for. Wonderful dog from tip to toe. Two years later we got our second malamute Venla, Musikaalin Jennifer Lopez. Vallu and Venla left a mark to everyones heart, and we decided always to have a malamute in our home. 

In the beginning of 2015 Inna, Musikaalin Ruusunen moved to our home and in 2016 came Noel, Awsome Earth Star Deus Nix. 

My kennel name was issued in 2016 and our first litter was born in 2021, after many years of "bad luck" (or how I say it, no female who is good enough for breeding :) ) 

Being in the breed for almost 20 years and growing up with it has teached me of course a lot. But in breeding we are never ready nor we never have enough knowledge. That is why we always need to know the past and focus on the future, for a better breed! 


I am a member of

The Finnish Kennel Club

The Alaskan Malamute club of Finland, ALMA

Alaskan Malamute Club Of America, AMCA 

I am licensed ring stewardess at Finnish Kennel Club, licensed junior handler- judge at Finnish Kennel Club. I have also been working in the finnish alaskan malamute club's breeding committee for seven years and I am the chairman of the clubs exterior committee.

Racing Jämi MD 2020 together with Team Umppalumpan-Windbear

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