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Our hobbies

Our hobbies with the dogs include a lot. During the racing season from september to march/april we train our dogs for mid - distance sled dog races. Sometimes we also compete in sprint races, but the sprints is never our main goal. We don't work with speed for short sprint races but the longer distances. We often compete in 4-dogs class. 

Our dogs also get their long daily walks, which especially the older-section absolutely loves. 

Our hobbies also include quite much dog shows. We have participated in shows all around Europe and the dogs have gained some very nice results. Our longest show trips have included Slovenia, Austria and Hungary. 

For us a good physical condition of a malamute is one of the prime things! 


Sled dog sport

We are very active in sled-dog sports. All of our adult dogs have FCI approved working results from sprints and mid-distance sled dog races and Noel has a working result from Norway (single-mushing on snow). We also like to ski with our dogs, alltough us people are not so good in skiing :) 

Super Noel ❤️__CIB CH Awsome Earth Star Deus Nix KVK1 REK2 _BOB&CAC&CACIB in Holland!.jpg

Dog shows

We attend a lot of dog shows too and our dogs have done "quite well" ;) We have European winner, Speciality winner, first Nordic Show Champion of all breeds in Finland, International champions, Res-bis baby, champions of many countries and so on... 

I think that dog shows is mostly a hobby nowdays, but an excellent breed-type example does well under every judge. Shows is also a good place to test the dogs mentality in small halls with a lot of different type of dogs and crowd. 



Other hobbies 

Our dogs live as a part of our daily life. We want to keep the amount of our dogs quite little, becouse we want to give daily each of our dogs their own special time. They have their own kennels outdoors and we have a big fenced yard. Always at least 1-2 of them sleep indoors with us. 

We like to make long hikes at the woods and they always join us on whatever we do. It's not a hobby with the malamutes, it's a lifestyle. 

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