Our dogs

We have five malamutes in our home at this moment, and we have two girls as co-owned females. 

Currently living in our home:

- BISS CIB CH W JCH JW Awsome Earth Star Deus Nix KVK1 REK1 REK2 (MD x3) Malamutetest1 (Norja) "Noel"

-Musikaalin Ruusunen KVK1 REK1 (MD) REK2 (MD x3) REK2 (SP) "Inna"

-CH JCH Libertia Rocks At Ilamna REK1 REK2 (MD x2) "Viktor"

-EUW-21 CIB CH W BISP JCH Lollipop Vasilyev Ostrov "Loli" REK1 (SP) REK2 (MD)

-JGPW-21 Ilamna Spirit In The Sky "Malik"


Ilamna Angel In Disguise "Peppi"

Pearl Of Ilamna Vasilyev Ostrov "Friidu"

Check the dogs own pages! 

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